All About the Healthcare Marketing Industry

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The healthcare domain is vast and spread across various other sub- domains. Not only is it fragmented, but it is also complex. The industrial scenario is extremely skeptical with emerging players in the market environment. A lot of factors have contributed to this skepticism such as the population rise and exhaustion of resources. Funding for healthcare has always suffered the brunt of economic depression and hence has always been in short supply. Competition is rampant and is only increasing with the advent of new healthcare organizations.

The healthcare marketing industry

The healthcare industry is a dynamic environment that employs a wide range of marketing tools. The marketing tools are used for brand promotion or for reinforcing a brands image. The increase in the growth and development of the healthcare sector has caused many marketing firms to diversify their operations across various sub-domains and project themselves as specialists in the domain. However, certain marketing firms treat healthcare marketing as a part of their diverse operations with no unique specialization attributed to it.

Tools used in healthcare marketing

1. Sales/Networking- This constitutes development of an extensive network, going where the market is, building presentations and showcasing your skills.
2. Direct marketing- This involves the use of letters, patient leave back leaflets, fliers, brochures etc.
3. Advertising- Advertising makes use of print media, outdoor and out of home advertorials, special publications, etc.
4. Use of Free media- Free Media involves writing expert reviews and articles for TV channels, news media, etc. With this you can establish a name for your organization and be known as an expert.
5. Build strong Public relations- Consider supporting a social cause. It will help build your brand’s reputation as well contribute to the society at large. It helps build good will in the community at large.
6. Use of social media and the internet- Social media services and the growing popularity of the internet have taken marketing to the next level. The presence of online healthcare portals has further pushed the need for an organization to develop new and innovative strategies to woo customers.
Appropriate use of these tools would lead to a direct increase in sales volumes and generate revenue for the organization.

Effective use of Press Release

Press Release (PR) is one of the most effective tools for healthcare marketing. It is widely used to communicate news of your business and create awareness of product launches.

Be it cold calling or hot calling, telemarketing continues to be employed as a healthcare marketing strategy even today. Yes, its use has diminished, but it hasn’t disappeared. This highlights the fact that even though the healthcare industry is not as aggressive as advertising in other sectors, the traditional methods of advertisement would still contribute to the growth of the healthcare industry.


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